Hereford Orchards

Do the orchards have their own distinct 'sense of place'?

The work of the German thinker Goethe encourages us to focus on subjective qualities of observation arising in the onlooker through the subject of study, taking the time to 'feel' the 'location spirit' of a place. The study of six orchards allowed me to spend much time in each orchard over an extended period, such that to me each place has its own distinct atmosphere and mood. I am keen to record this, as being a feature of the study that did not want to be distilled down to numbers or data - just a sense of place.

This aspect was discussed further late in 2008 by a group of interested local people who, with the support of the National Trust, met in one local orchard at Breinton Springs to get and share their feeling for the place and the special role of orchards.